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FHI Brands

Why FHI Brands

FHI Brands’ dedication to quality, high performance and technology begins with our team of chemists, scientists and engineers, who test, develop and perfect the latest in innovation.

FHI Heat

FHI Heat, founded in 2003, has transcended to a world-renowned, professional haircare company and a prestigious, award-winning, celebrity-adored brand. FHI Heat launched with its signature red tourmaline ceramic plates featured on the Platform 1” Styling Iron.


STYLUS, award winning, Favorite New Innovative Hair Tool, launched in 2014, the revolutionary thermal styling brush caused international beauty buzz.

Stylus Thermal styling Care

In 2016, FHI Brands launched its first full haircare line, Stylus Thermal Styling Care. A unique collection of heat activated products allows for easy styling and restyling. The color coded design indicates healing, protecting, prepping, styling and finishing properties, making it simple to determine which products should be used when.

Hair Veil

Hair Veil Powder Hair Filler is a game changer that gives the appearance of thicker, richer, fuller hair. It eliminates shiny spots exposed scalp and camouflages scars.

Neo bond

Neo Bond is an advanced bond building formula that repairs and protects the hair. The 2 step in-salon professional system is used in combination with all chemical services to prevent damage before it even begins.

Daily Beauty

Daily Beauty’s Spa inspired prescriptive hair care line developed to provide maximum conditioning and protection.